When you step outside your Cross Road, Texas home, you want nothing more than to breathe in the fresh air, enjoy a cup of coffee, and overlook your peaceful and beautiful yard. With a North Dallas Fort Worth wood fence from Titan Fence, this has never been easier! In today’s blog article, we’re going to walk you through what makes our wood fences suitable for the North DFW area, our available styles, and what sets us apart from other Cross Roads, TX fence companies. 

Are North Dallas Fort Worth Wood Fences a Good Choice? 

If you’re thinking about installing a wood fence on your property in Cross Roads, TX, you’re in luck! Wood fences are a great choice for the area. They are not only an environmentally friendly option, but they also provide a natural and attractive boundary for any property. Known for their natural beauty and durability, wood fences make a wonderful addition to your property.


When it comes to customization, wood fences are hard to beat. Our Cross Roads, Texas company offers a variety of wood fence styles, ranging from full-privacy to semi-privacy options. We also provide various decorative additions to enhance the look of your fence. Not only are wood fences fully customizable, but they are also affordable, making them a popular choice among property owners.

Are Wood Fences in North DFW Strong?

Yes! Wood fences will remain sturdy and functional if they meet the following criteria: 

Fence Posts Must Be Properly Installed

High-quality fence posts are the backbone of your fence, providing structure and strength. At Titan Fence, we always recommend that our customers choose metal fence posts to provide additional stability and strength to your fence. Our galvanized steel posts are resistant to insect damage, rotting, rusting, and breakdown. 


Our experts take special care to install our fences to ASTM standards. This ensures that your posts are set deep enough to avoid displacement when the ground freezes and to prevent your posts from becoming loose after any potential impacts. 

Choose Pre-Stained Wood Materials

At <cfoutput>#companyname#</cfoutput>, our experts recommend using pre-stained wood materials for your fence. We pre-stain wood fence materials at our pre-staining facility using our proprietary blend, ensuring that each and every part of your fence is well-protected. Pre-staining ensures that the stain is applied and dried in a controlled environment and that all sides of your fence materials are covered to keep your North Dallas Fort Worth wood fence protected from the elements! 

Utilize High-Quality Wood Rails and Pickets

Beware of big box stores and budget-friendly fence companies that compromise on quality by using low-grade wood rails and pickets to offer lower estimates. Although a cheaper estimate may initially appear to be a good deal, you might find yourself dealing with constant repairs and replacements, ultimately costing you more in the long term. 


At our Cross Roads, TX fence company, we believe in using only high-quality materials to ensure that your fence provides long-lasting protection for you and your family. We offer several wood types, including Western Red Cedar, pressure-treated pine, and Ipe, each of which has unique advantages and appearances. 

Perform Routine Maintenance

While wood fences have the advantage of being made from beautiful, natural materials, they are susceptible to issues such as rot, warping, and cracking when exposed to the elements for extended periods. Fortunately, with regular maintenance and inspections, you can significantly prolong the lifespan of your wood fence! We recommend you annually inspect your wood fence for any signs of damage to address them promptly.


When you opt for a reputable and experienced company like Titan Fence for your wood fence installation, you can rest assured that your fence will be strong and resilient. Our team of experts is committed to providing professional installation services, ensuring that your wood fence stands the test of time. With our expertise and attention to detail, you can have confidence that your North Dallas Fort Worth wood fence will remain sturdy and reliable for years to come.

Our Favorite North Dallas Fort Worth Wood Fence Styles

Available in a range of styles, wood fences also come with numerous customization options like the selection of top cuts, paints, and stains. Our wood fences are available in various heights and designs with options for both full-privacy and semi-privacy designs. For more inspiration, browse through our photo gallery to see some of our completed North Dallas Fort Worth wood fences.


Photo of a wood picket fence in Cross Roads, Texas

Wood Picket Fences

Ask us about picket fences with personalized top finishes to create a modern or traditional-looking border for your property, garden, or pool!

Photo of wood post and rail fence in Cross Roads, Texas

Post and Rail Wood Fences

Post and rail fences are an affordable solution that has been used for decades in the Cross Roads area to enclose large areas or properties. 

Photo of a wood shadowbox fence in Cross Roads, TX

Shadowbox Wood Fences

This semi-privacy style of wood fence is best known as being a “good neighbor fence” thanks to its attractive appearance from both sides. 

Photo of a horizontal wood fence in Cross Roads, TX

Horizontal Wood Fences

By placing wood posts horizontally and close together, we create a full-privacy fence with a contemporary look with horizontal wood fences. 

Photo of a stockade wood privacy fence in Cross Roads, TX

Stockade Wood Fences

The stockade wood fence, also known as the traditional full-privacy wood fence, is one of the most commonly requested styles of wood fences. 

Photo of a board on board wood fence in Cross Roads, TX

Board-On-Board Wood Fences

If you need a full-privacy fence that offers enhanced visual interest, consider the board-on-board fence as an ideal choice.

Ready to Choose a Wood Fence With an Expert Cross Roads, TX Fence Company?

As experts in wood fence installation, we can’t wait to demonstrate what sets us apart from our competitors. Don’t hesitate to get in touch with us at (940) 365-9999 or reach out to us online. Our team of friendly and knowledgeable fence experts is available to assist, answer any questions, and guide you through the wood fence process. We’re excited to work with you!