Selecting a reliable and reputable fence company is a crucial decision when it comes to enhancing your property with a new fence. When determining the right fence company for your project, several key factors come into play and the pros at Titan Fence are here to help provide you with some important considerations when choosing the best Texas fence company for your home or business. 

Qualities of a Leading Texas Fence Company

As you start to plan your fence project, there are a few important questions you should have answered by any fence company you are considering for your project. All of the following questions should have a “Yes!” response from any Dallas, Texas-based fencing company: 

Have They Been in Business for Several Years?

A well-established Texas fence company should be trustworthy, follow a strong code of ethics, and have a lengthy list of happy clients.


Titan Fence is a family-run business that has been a trusted fence provider in the Dallas area since 2001. We take pride in our reputation for quality craftsmanship and customer service. Going above and beyond for our customers is something that our team is incredibly passionate about.

Does the Company Have Insurance?

A responsible North Texas fence company insures both its work and its employees. This ensures that in the unlikely event that something goes wrong while installing your North Dallas Fort Worth residential fence, you will be protected.


Titan Fence is fully insured for all of its work in and around the North DFW area. Ensuring the safety and security of our clients and employees is crucial in our work environments. 

Do They Provide a Workmanship Warranty?

The best North Dallas Fort Worth fence companies differentiate themselves from the competition by offering a strong warranty. Companies that hire knowledgeable and competent installers never have trouble offering a quality guarantee for the job they do. While some fencing contractors in North Texas do not provide warranties for their work, a trustworthy fence company like Titan Fence stands behind their craftsmanship and materials. 


A limited lifetime workmanship warranty is included with every fence that Titan Fence installs. Many of our products also have warranties from our hand-picked manufacturers. We take great pride in our company and our commitment to client satisfaction! After installation, in the unlikely event that you experience any quality issues, please contact our staff, and we will be happy to assist. Should an issue arise, we will resolve it! 

Do They Have a Wide Range of Fence Options?

Top fence companies offer a large selection of high-quality fences in different styles and materials. Even though it can be harder to maintain certain products and colors in stock, Titan Fence will always do its best to meet your precise specifications. We promise to quickly and professionally install your North Dallas Fort Worth residential fence as soon as your product is received.    


The following styles are installed by Titan Fence in both residential and commercial settings:

  • Wood Fence
  • Chain link Fence
  • Ornamental Steel Fence
  • Vinyl Fence
  • R-Panel Fence
  • Ranch Rail Fence
  • Gates and Access Control Systems

We professionally install all types of fencing and use only reputable industry brands. We will walk you through every step of the process to help you choose the fence that best suits your needs. 

Do Company Reviews Reflect Customer Satisfaction?

Accessing information online is a convenience of modern technology. Before hiring a company, simply visit their website or social media pages to read reviews. Before hiring a fence company, it is a good idea to read previous customer reviews.


Titan Fence has a long history of positive customer feedback. Browse our testimonials page to see what others are saying about us and browse our photo gallery to find inspiration for your North Dallas Fort Worth residential fence project. 

It Is Important to Choose a Trustworthy North Texas Fence Company

There are many great fence companies to select from, but not all of them adhere to the high standards we have discussed. Their business practices and operational processes should guide your decision-making. Outstanding customer service, high-quality materials, and knowledgeable employees are the reasons why the most successful businesses outperform their competitors. 


When you call Titan Fence for an estimate or assistance, they respond promptly and finish your project on schedule. We take great pride in offering exceptional customer service. At every stage of the process, our staff works tirelessly to fulfill their commitment to ensuring your satisfaction. We promise to keep you informed at every stage and to stand by the quality of our work. 


Titan Fence has established itself as a top-rated North Dallas-Fort Worth fence company. Our top priority is to establish and maintain solid relationships with our clients, suppliers, and the Dallas community. Our wealth of experience, expertise, and commitment to our clients have helped us earn a solid reputation.    

Titan Fence Is a Top-Rated North DFW Fence Company

Allow Titan Fence to show you why we are the top-rated North Dallas Fort Worth fencing contractor. Our attention to detail and level of service will undoubtedly exceed your expectations for your fencing project. Please contact us online or call us at (940) 365-9999 to speak with one of our experienced fence specialists. We look forward to collaborating on your fence project!