3 Reasons Automatic Gates are a Great Investment for Your Home

Let’s face it—installing a new fence can be a bit stressful. After all, you have to pick the right material, decide where you want to place it on your property, and wait for the installation to be done before your life can get back to normal. While any new fence will add value to your home, nothing helps more than those with automatic gates at the main entry points. While these gates conjure up images of rich celebrities and elite homeowners, they’re far more affordable and more convenient than you realize. Here are a few reasons installing automatic gates in Dallas TX is a smart investment for your home.

Improves Security

When would-be thieves pick out targets, they look for homes with easy entry points. If you have an automatic gate that effectively closes off your driveway, you’re making your home harder to steal from. This helps lower the risk of theft and property damage while also improving security on your property. Only those with the code or a remote can open the gate, so you and your family will stay safe.

Lower Insurance Premiums

What surprises many homeowners is that automatic gates can often give you a discount on your insurance premium. Since you’re reducing the risk of theft and increasing security on your property, there’s less risk of you filing a homeowners’ insurance claim with your insurance provider. The insurance company will often reward you for these home improvements by giving you a discount on your monthly premiums. Keep in mind that all policies will differ and you’ll need to speak with your insurance agent before you’ll know just how much you’ll save each month.

Protects Your Pets

Manual gates always carry with them the risk of forgetting to close the gate completely. When this happens, pets can often wander out of the yard, sending you and your family into a panic. Installing an automatic gate will give you peace of mind knowing that your yard is fully enclosed at all times, keeping your pets at home where they belong.

If you’re considering replacing your fence or have further questions about automatic gates, contact us today. Our friendly crew is ready to help.