Choosing the Right Privacy Fence Style

When it comes to residential fences, privacy fences are the most popular option. You may like your neighbors, but nothing beats having a little backyard privacy to just unwind.

Conversely, privacy fences aren’t just slabs of boring wood. The privacy fence comes in a number of different styles that can help add a bit of flare to your backyard space, as well as privacy! If you are looking for a privacy fence that suits your home’s needs, consider these styles:

Scalloped & Arch Tops

For modern privacy fences, these two styles are the most popular. For scalloped tops, the top of the fence slopes downwards between the posts. In an opposite fashion, arch tops feature beams that slope upwards between the posts.

Lattice, Basket Weave, & Louvre Tops

These three styles are less popular these days, but they consistently add an air of elegance to privacy fences. Lattice top privacy fences are generally topped with a lattice design at the top while being solid at the bottom. Alternatively, for a touch of rustic charm, you can choose basket weave in which the planks are woven in between the post horizontally to look like a basket. This design is difficult to install, but very worth it.

Finally, the most unique design for privacy fences is the Louvre style. The beams are arranged horizontally to mimic the look of the iconic Louvre door. From a distance, the fence looks solid, but if you get up close, you can actually see through the slates.

Dog Ears

The dog ear top, in which the top of the privacy fence has angled edges, is the classic look of privacy fences. If you want to keep things traditional, then this may be your best option, but it certainly isn’t the most eye-pleasing option you can choose.

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