Hiring a Fencing Contractor: What to Know

Most folks who decide that the time is right for a fence already have at least a vague idea of what sort of fence they’re looking for. Fencing types include

  • classic wood

  • chain link

  • decorative iron or metal

  • livestock Fence

Most people choose to obtain a quote from more than one area fencing contractor, although you may choose to bypass this if you’ve heard great things about a local fencing company from neighbors, online reviews, or coworkers. But once you have your choice of fencing contractor narrowed down, it’s a good idea to ask the following questions before signing on the dotted line…

  • Will they pull the required permits (if they’re required by your town)?

  • What about locating underground utilities? Will they take care of contacting a utility locator, or will that be up to you?

  • If your property is graded (on a slope), how will they deal with that? (This is important if you’re installing a fence to keep pets or small kids in the

  • yard, since you won’t want any gaps for potential escape at any point along the fence.) Also ask if the height will vary because of grade.

  • What about a gate? Is that included in the price or will it be extra?

  • Do they warranty their work and/or product?

  • What’s their timeline?

Getting satisfactory answers to these questions will help ensure that you’ll end up with a fence that meets both your needs and your budget. Contracting with an established (i.e., experienced) fencing contractor will further ensure that you’ll get a high-quality fence that’s built to last.

In the North Dallas region of Texas, there’s one fencing contractor that has the experience, commitment to quality and reputation for great customer service you’re seeking. That contractor is Titan Fence & Supply Company. Why not contact us today for a free estimate?