Is it safe to install a new fence during winter?

The answer is YES, it is safe to install during the cold winter months. One of the many advantages of living in Texas is our cold stretches never last. Even when our temperatures are hovering around freezing, new fences can still be installed. The primary concern for not installing a new fence during the winter is setting fence posts in concrete while temperatures are below freezing. This can still be done with the only side effect being the posts may take a little longer to set than in warmer weather.

One nice advantage of installing a fence in the winter is getting done fast! Spring is typically the time of year new fence projects are being considered by homeowners as well as businesses. That is also when fence installation schedules begin to back up due to higher demands as well as spring rains. New fence installation schedules in the spring and early summer may range from a few weeks to as long as a month for many fence companies.

Winter may actually be the best time to have a new fence installed since demands are not as high. There are never shortages of inventories of wood, iron and chain link as well of all types building materials. Start to finish time may be significantly less as well. If you are considering a new fence this year, why wait? Contact us today to arrange a meeting with one of our expert designers.