Preparing for a New Fence Installation

While those considering fencing options, be it for their business or their backyard, may worry about the style and materials of the fence. However, there is much more to consider. Before you even begin shopping around for fences, you need to make a few considerations that can make for a smooth installation.

Fence Restrictions

You will need to familiarize yourself with any local zoning ordinances regarding fences; preferably before you install. Restrictions aren’t fun, but they do serve a purpose. It is less infuriating to learn about a restriction before you buy a fence than after you install it.

For example, if you live on a corner lot, you cannot have a fence that is high enough to block a driver’s view of the intersection. In some communities, you also have to build fences out of specified materials. Even if you aren’t bound by a homeowner’s association and its rules, it is best to look into your local zoning regarding fences.

Check Underground

You know what they say… Check before you dig. While fence posts don’t go very far into the ground, they can go in far enough that installation can damage gas, power, and water lines. This is why before planning or installing your new fence, you will want to call 811 or your local utilities company to see where the lines run through your property. This check-in usually doesn’t cost anything, but not doing it and needing repairs certainly does.

Professional Installation

Usually, it only takes a person installing their own fence once for them to say “never again!” It might look easy to some people, but making sure everything is deep and straight enough so the fence looks good and keeps looking good takes a lot of professional effort. If you want assured quality and lower stress, contact the professionals.

If you are looking to put a fence around your home or business, contact us today to see what Titan Fence can do for you.