Wooden Gates Transform an Outdoor Area


Outlining your home or business with a well-constructed fence and wooden gate can deliver safety while also transform the aesthetics of your property. Access gates provide the final touch to any fence system. Your access gate can have a sliding or swing feature, depending on your unique desires. Wooden gates have continued to grow in popularity over the years for their ability to enhance the image of a home, while also offering a higher level of safety and privacy.

At Titan Fence & Supply company, we deliver high quality and durable fences and gates made from a wide variety of materials designed to look great and deliver lasting results. We have proudly served the North Dallas region for over 15 years.

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Because access gates are the most visible and most handled aspect of your fence system, you want to make sure you have something that is dependable. Below are five great benefits to wooden gates.

Aesthetically Appealing

Wooden gates continue to remain a top choice among consumers for their classic and timeless appearance. Because of the variety of woods and stains available, when designing your wooden gate, you can make it unique to your own desires. As an added bonus, if you decide to change the color palette of your outdoor area, you can repaint the wooden gate to blend beautifully and seamlessly. Whether you desire a traditional five-bar gate for countryside charm or a modern timber security gate to secure the perimeter of your home or business, no two wooden gates are the same. Your wooden gate will be custom-made for your property.

Easy to Operate

As gate technologies have continued to advance, access gate operations and functions have improved as well. Not only can you design your access gate to blend with the aesthetics of your property, but you can make it easy to operate for you, your employees, or family members. We understand your time is important, so we want to ensure your wooden gate is designed for ease and functionality. Some of the gate opening features include:

  • Swing or slide entry

  • Keypad entry

  • Remote control entry

  • Telephone entry

  • Card entry

  • Solar or electric powered

Provides Security and Privacy

While rod iron or metal fences may seem to offer more safety, wooden gates can offer the same great security. When selecting the type of wood for your access gate, it’s important to choose hardwood over softwood so the gate is both durable and a strong deterrent. We can also customize your gate with a secure locking and reinforcement system, in addition to the right height and width, helping to keep entries or important merchandise well hidden. With a wooden gate in place, you will enjoy complete privacy.

Great Value

Timber is more affordable than most other materials used for access gates, making it a cost-effective solution. When selecting the wood for your access gate, it’s imperative that you choose one based on quality and longevity. If a cheaper wood is chosen, it could result in deterioration or discoloration. At Titan Fence & Supply company, we work with reliable suppliers to ensure our clients receive superior, long-lasting results at affordable pricing.

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