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At Titan Fence, we build wood fences and gates in any style you choose. Whether you are looking for board-on-board, side-by-side, steel post, cedar post, or anything else, we have the experience and know-how to build it right.

Wooden fences are the most common residential fence, and we will build yours to meet your lifestyle and budget. Our excellent customer service approach ensures we build to your preferences and specifications, so you get a long-lasting fence you will love.

At Titan Fence, we have built thousands of wood fences and will give you the straight facts about getting the fence that suits your needs. As long-time residents of the North Texas, we know what structural features and building materials can withstand the humidity and temperature extremes of our region.


One of the most important decisions you make is selecting the appropriate building material for your wood fence. The type of wood you select will determine how much time and money you’ll have to put into long-term maintenance, as well as the lifespan of your fence. We chiefly build our wooden fences from Western Red Cedar or Spruce Pine.

  • Western Red Cedar – As the longer-lasting option, cedar wood fences can last for decades when well maintained. This wood has natural oils that resist insects, erosion, and decay—making it less likely to warp and crack.

  • Spruce Pine – As the more affordable option, pine wood fences typically last about 8-10 years with proper maintenance. Since it easily warps and decays if not treated, we recommend oil-based stains and sealants to make it more resistant to insects, erosion and decay.


While solid board fences are the most common choice, we offer a number of styles and customization options to best complement your property.

  • Board-on-Board Privacy Fences – For the classic standard, our privacy fences can be built in a number of styles and with a variety of stains.

  • Horizontal Fences – This style of fence offers the same privacy and structural stability as vertical boards, bud adds a more modern line and framing effect.

  • Lattice Fences – These decorative wood fences can be constructed up to 4’ high and are available in square and diamond patterns.

  • Split Rail and Ranch Fences – Contain livestock and mark grazing and property borders with split rail wooden ranch fences.

  • Access Gates – Swing and sliding gates can be built for both new and pre-existing fences, to control access to residential or commercial properties.

  • Picket Fences – We offer a number of picket detail options, such as dog-ear, arch, scallop, and Gothic.

  • Wood Fence Accents – Fence windows, pet view-throughs and wrought iron gate brackets and wood finials customize your fence to your aesthetic and lifestyle.


Scroll down or click here to view our gallery of wood fences and you will see a sample of what we can create for you. If you can dream it, we can build it


Click here for an online estimate or call us at 940-365-9999 to inquire about our wood fences and access gates. If you need a new fence or an expert to help you maintain your present one, contact Titan Fence today. Our service area includes Dallas, Frisco, McKinney, Little Elm, Prosper and Plano, Texas. Contact us to find out if we can service your area.

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Board on Board Fence Less

This premium style utilizes cedar boards overlapping each other for increased privacy.

Horizontal Fence

This unique style utilizes cedar boards installed horizontally instead of vertically which creates a modern look.

Split Rail / Ranch Rail
Split Rail / Ranch Rail
Other Types of Wood Fencing
Lattice Wood Fence

Lattice fences are primarily decorative and usually only 4′ high. Available in Square or Diamond.

Solid Board

Solid Board is the simplest and most common styles of fencing using one board next to the other. There are many picket detail options available such as dog-ear, arch, scallop, and gothic.

Dog Ear: A simple, traditional and affordable topper accent. Picket tops are cut at angles to form a “dog-ear” shape. Pickets can be solid or spaced evenly apart to allow greater airflow. The dog-ear style can be added as topper to existing or custom-built wood fencing systems. This style is simple to add to wood components but a time-saver if ordered as wooden fence panels.

Other Options: Vertical Board, Convex, Estate Plank, Lock Board, Stockade, and Gothic.


One of the first choices you must make is selecting the appropriate wood type for your fence. As longtime residents of the North Texas area, we know which types perform best in the North Texas climate. Remember all wood fencing material requires maintenance and upkeep to maintain its look. This includes periodic staining and painting.


Known for its rich grain and vibrant colors, Western Red Cedar offers excellent stability and endurance. This resilient building material contains natural oils that resist insects, erosion and decay. Red cedar lays flat, stays straight, and is less likely to warp and crack than other wood-fencing products. Properly finished and maintained, red cedar ages well and lasts for decades even in the harsh Texas heat, humidity, and cold. These attributes make it a preferred material for indoor and outdoor building applications. Red Cedar can be stained for added protection or to match your home’s color.



This affordable wood fence option is great for your budget. Spruce and pine are known as “whitewood” trees and display a gleaming white look after construction. Because it’s not as naturally durable as cedar, untreated spruce fairs poorly in the Texas heat and humidity. Thus, we recommend treating this wood fencing type with oil-based stains and sealants that work to resist warping, cracking, insect infestations, and other elements of decay. We also recommend installing kick boards and steel posts to raise the fence pickets a few inches above ground level. This prevents damage from ground moisture. Life expectancy of a spruce or pine-based wood fence is between 8 and 10 years.

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